Denise Stutter

Denise studied Contemporary Photography at Northumbria University in the late 90s.  The day before the Spanish City in Whitley Bay was due to be taken down the rides lay still and silent.  Determined to capture them on film, Denise took her camera to the boarded up fair and snapped the photographs within 20 minutes.

Ali is a British artist-designer working from her studio on the beautiful Northumberland UK coastline. The shore and the North Sea inspire her to paint mainly in watercolours, selling original artworks that show this love of the sea.  Ali is always looking and creating to capture the aesthetics of the shoreline and her love of all things nautical. 

Craftonic Wood are a husband and wife team who were looking for a new headboard. Unable to find anything they liked, they decided to make their own. It was no small task, but they loved it. Friends and family who saw their hand-crafted pieces said they were just the tonic...and Craftonic Wood was born.

As well as hosting Ali Elly's exhibition we are a stockist of her original artwork so please call into our Whitley Bay shop and see a selection of her work.

Born in the North of England Emma's inspired by the subjects in everyday life documenting days in sketchbooks from my travels. A recent graduate from the Cambridge MA programme in Children's Book Illustration Emma spent a year studying Visual Development at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  

June Cramman

June can’t remember a time when she wasn’t “clarting about” (as her Mam would put it) with fabrics, paints and other junk, trying to make something new and different. She specialises in unique pieces of textile art/painting inspired by her native North East of England and the landscapes and animals of Arran, in Scotland.  June adores bright colour and uses it in various media: tapestry, applique, quilting, embroidery and paint work.

Darren is a self-taught artist who works from his studio in Whitley Bay.  Darren works in acrylics and uses a vivid colour palette to achieve maximum impact, with a strong contrast of light and dark colours.

Darren has some North East Angel of the North cards available to buy on our website.

Tracy Reeve

Tracy has developed her love of mixed media and reclaiming materials to work into unique pieces of art. Inspired by the ever changing, often moody skies, to the pieces of broken shells on the beach Tracy is constantly influenced by the natural world of our region. 
Read more about Tracy's exhibition in Whitley Bay's New Guardian here.

Sarah Campbell of Plum Ginger Art produces vintage yet contemporary hand drawn illustrations and prints.The images she loves to draw are inspired by happy memories, the simplicity and innocence remembered from childhood, her children's very vivid imaginations and a love of books.

Read about Sarah's exhibition in The Whitley Bay News Guardian here


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