5 Beaches To Visit In The North East

August 15, 2021 3 min read

Growing up I always found beach days To be the best days; walking on the hot sand, eating ice-cream and having a little paddle in the ocean...who doesn’t love that? And we have one of the most beautiful coastlines here in the North east. Today I’m sharing with you the top 5 best beaches to visit in the North East - better get packing those beach towels! 


I've mentioned Bamburgh in a previous blog - however that was focusing on the castle, today we’re talking about the beautiful beach that surrounds it! Bamburgh is a stunning wild stretch of golden sand dunes with waves lapping up against the shore - perfect for surfing (although the water doesn’t get particularly warm even in summer due to it being so far up North.)


With Bamburgh castle towering in the distance, it’s a picture-perfect location (we also recommend sticking around for the sunset for that extra added something) - breath-taking views, really. It's also a dog-friendly beach so feel free to bring your furry friends along for a good run around! 


How could I write a blog post about the best beaches to visit without mentioning my very own local?! Cullercoats may only be a small beach compared to some but it's surrounded by the aesthetic houses of Tynemouth and just a short walk away from transport services and and plenty of cafe's to choose from - definitely an all-rounder. 


It’s the home of fishing and rock-pooling so if you’re a fan of marine wildlife, you won’t be disappointed. 


Guarded by cliffs, lined with colourful beach huts and accompanied by the neighbouring town of Whitby, it’s a superb place for a family day out. Whitby has beaches on both sides; the east sideis the smaller of the two - a sheltered sandy beach that allows dogs all year round.

On the other side of West Pier is a larger sandy beach with colourful beach huts, deckchair and windbreak hire, a children’s paddling pool and donkey rides - I guess which to go to is depending on your mood (and if you have a dog or not) Either way, it really is a sight to see.


This beach really is a hidden gem, located just on the outskirts of South Shields. This golden, sandy beach is backed by tall cliffs and is best known for its breath-taking rock formations, which include a number of sea-stacks and rock arches.

In the cliffs opposite Marsden Rock, you’ll find Marsden Grotto; an iconic hotel, beach bar and restaurant nestled into a cave - it really is a must-see! 

Roker & Seaburn

Roker and Seaburn are two beaches just a few miles from Sunderland City - these two beaches are actually connected, which sort of makes them a 2in1 kinda deal! Both beaches arewide, flat, sandy beaches and are most popular for bathing, surfing, sailing...and any other watersports really.


A promenade runs alongside the beach, and makes a good place to take a stroll.  There are hotels, shops and plenty of places to eat on the other side of the road to the promenade, as well as a couple of places to stop for snacks!


And that’s it, 5 of the best beaches to visit in the North East..check out our ‘5 Castles To Visit In The North East’ blog for even more inspiration!

Caitlin Steele
Caitlin Steele

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