5 Villages To Visit in The North East

September 22, 2021 3 min read

We appreciate that not everyone is a city person, I personally love the city but I agree that sometimes it's lovely to get away somewhere a little more...calm!  And the North East is brimming with quaint little villages - so whether you're looking for an adventure or simply someplace to relax for the weekend, here are a few of our top picks of villages to visit in the North East!




If you’re looking for a beautiful, quaint village, then Warkworth is definitely for you. It’s surrounded by the stunning River Coquet and is a picture perfect paradise! Northumberland, particularly the coastline, is actually known for it’s natural, outstanding beauty. There’s plenty to do in Warkworth, from delving into the rich history at Warkworth castle, walking the golden sands at Warkworth beach or a wander along the must-see Castle Street - you’ll always have something to put on your itinerary.



Amble prides itself on being the ‘friendliest port in England’, and its annual puffin festival, brightly coloured beach huts and the wooden retail pods of Amble Harbour Village are just a few of its quirks. On the seafront at Amble you’ll find the new Harbour Village – a lovely shopping experience of 15 wooden retail pods selling cards and prints, bespoke gifts and food and drink. Amble is almost completely surrounded by water, meaning the best and most popular things to do there tend to be watersports - sailing, canoeing, kayaking and fishing are all extremely popular. 



Whitby is a small seaside town located on the North Yorkshire coast - Whitby is guaranteed to be among the most charming British seaside towns you will find in England. From the famous Whitby Abbey ruins to golden sand beaches, narrow cobbled streets, a bustling harbour, a cliff-top graveyard and spectacular coastal views, this idyllic former fishing town is just bursting with character. If you’re looking for a challenge, try climbing up the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey and enjoy super views over the town - we recommend going at sunset/sunrise to get the very best picture!




A long history of fishing makes the popular village of Seahouses both fascinating and beautiful. This colourful fishing village has a bustling harbour, an Aladdin’s Cave of shops, and plenty of ways to see the local wildlife. Seahouses’ fishing past lives on at Swallow Fish, who have been smoking on site since 1843. Seahouses is known to many as 'The Gateway to the Farne Islands' and is a very popular place with both locals and visitors. It is probably the most popular holiday resort on the Coast due to it's excellent amenities and attracts huge numbers of visitors throughout the year.




Kielder is a small, remote village in western Northumberland, the village is within three miles of the Scottish border. One of Kielders biggest attractions is Kielder Water which is a man-made reservoir and is the largest artificial lake in the United Kingdom. Surrounding Kielder Water is Kielder forest, one of the biggest man-made woodlands in Europe. For a great day out, we recommend visiting the The Northumberland International Dark Sky Park - Europe’s largest Dark Sky park, or The Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre to get up-close and personal with owls, falcons, vultures, a sea eagle, and other birds as well as fallow deer and wallabies.




And that’s it, 5 of the best villages to visit in the North East! Make sure to check out our other blogs and let us know what your favourite Northern village is.

Caitlin Steele
Caitlin Steele

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