A very welcome return to Whitby

Even back in our pre FTLOTN lives Whitby was always one of our favourite go to places for an escape. It's situated in a gorgeous part of the North Yorkshire coastline and for ourselves as non-drivers it's very accessible. And so with a hiatus of a couple of years we boarded the train and headed off on our travels... 

The journey really is such a part of the break. Taking in the coastline of Seaham and the nautical sights of Hartlepool before under the watchful eye of Rosebury Topping heading along the gorgeous Eske Valley. The stations along these stretches are so beautifully maintained and it's always lovely to see walkers boarding and alighting at each station all enjoying their own adventures in the surrounding countryside.  

The Eske Valley is the most wonderful relaxation tool, just taking the time to enjoy the surroundings as the train travels between each station.  A lovely moment after such a long time away was that as the landscape changes, the river widens and those first signs of getting nearer to Whitby we both felt that pang of excitement inside.  

Whitby literally is the end of the line and off we trot with our cases to our accommodation for the week. Normally our visits to the town had been over a night or two and stayed in one of Whitby's many fabulously quirky hotels but as we had a bit more time than normal we had booked ourselves into Silverwood Apartment just a short distance up from the train station and right next to the gorgeous Pannet Park. one of the many jewels of Whitby.

After dropping off our luggage and inspecting our home for the week which really was perfectly situated and has such a welcome feel to it, we headed off for a tootle about the town. Being a weekend Whitby was bustling and it was lovely to see people taking in the early evening sunshine and the sights of the harbour. Saving our eating out opportunities for the week ahead we ate in our apartment and felt so pleased to be back.

Whitby Map Tea Towel (£12.50)

Sunday dawned, the clocks had gone forward, Spring had truly sprung. We both were keen on a walk and headed along the headland looking out at the amazing views and followed the path to the nearby village of Sandsend. It's a place neither of us had visited previous and what a lovely place it was. Full of day trippers of all enjoying a Sunday outing and the fabulous places to enjoy a bite to eat. We popped into Wild Heart and couldn't resist their wonderful collection of little mice toys all snug and cosy in their cosy matchbox beds, a perfect gift for our little niece. Sitting at the bus stop in the glorious sunshine with bright spring flowers coming into bloom it felt so wonderfully relaxing.

Back to base and the well-equipped kitchen made making our Sunday dinner a very enjoyable task. As the weekend drew to a close you could feel a more relaxed atmosphere descend over Whitby and we enjoyed an evening drink in the Board Inn at the bottom of the Abbey steps. It felt such a piece of normality returning to be sat in a pub and chatting to fellow holidaymakers all excited for what the week ahead would bring. 

A new week and no Monday morning blues. To be honest since embarking on our small business journey those blues are long gone. On the bus again and just a few miles down the coast to the beautiful sight of Robin's Hood Bay. It really is such a special place and like all of the town and villages along this part of the Yorkshire coastline, steeped in history. 

Robin Hood's Bay card, £2.75

As you know from our travels, we always love to visit fellow small indie businesses and it was lovely to pop into Whitby based illustrator and surface pattern designer Jessica Hogarth's shop. Jessica has such a wonderful gift for bringing the landmarks of the Yorkshire coast to life and it's easy to see why her work is so popular.

Narrow cobbled streets in Robin Hood's Bay

Further down the bank is Berties of Bay who celebrate the traditional nautical clothing worn by seafarers of time gone by. The shop is located in such a picture postcard position and we both could happily have seen ourselves sporting their famous 'Gansey' jumpers and Boat Neck Smocks. Their brand really does embrace the traditions of the past and speaks for the here and now in 2022 where we are moving away from disposable fast fashion and want clothing that is made to last and has a real story to it. 

You really do feel like you are walking through history here and find yourself travelling back in time to the days of smugglers. Once again as we waited for our bus back to Whitby we were caught by the spring air and the sounds of seabirds above us.

As with life back in Whitley Bay a big part of why we love the coast so much is just being able to get out and walk along it. Now that the days are longer it really is the time to embrace an early evening stroll and there's just something so beautiful about the light at that particular time of day. In Whitby looking down onto the harbour it absolutely sums up why we have kept coming back here.

There are so many amazing places to eat out in Whitby and everyone has their favourites. Being here through the week and just before the season really kicks in it gives you just that extra bit of scope.

The Jet Black Jewel on Skinner Street is indeed a jewel. Running as a café bar with holiday accommodation above it encompasses so much of Whitby's past into its menu and décor. 

Cocktails at the Jet Black Jewel, Whitby

Rusty Shears is a place we have visited on many an occasion. It's been taken over now under new ownership but its ethos of providing the most excellent cakes and the most awe-inspiring selection of gins remains. Lucy plumed for trio of citrus gins where traditional Paul stuck to clear and crisp flavours and neither disappointed, we can tell you.

The Fisherman's Wife is again a firm favourite and Paul never feels he's been to Whitby unless he's sat looking out to see enjoying a plate of oysters. 

The wonderful thing about Whitby is that there is so much to explore and each time we visit we find ourselves walking along streets we've never trod before. Having Pannet Park on our doorstep was such a bonus and its floral clock was filled with spring colour. We would find ourselves walking through here each day to enjoy the flowers and look over the town. 

We hadn't even explored the Abbey side of the town yet and a gauge of our current fitness levels was the ascent of the Abbey Steps. The weather had dramatically changed from spring back to winter with sleet and hail but certainly didn't hamper our enjoyment and just made the scenery look even more spectacular. 

It was wonderful to be back in Whitby. It has lost none of its appeal, that mix of history whilst very much celebrating the present, that sense of embracing all things quirky and such a creative vibe that runs through this part of the coastline. 


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    Really enjoyed reading this. Must visit Whitby.

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