An adventure in the Lake District

July 18, 2021 4 min read

I know what your thinking, I create drama just for these blogs!

I’m hoping this will be the last one with any drama for a while.  I might start from the end and work backwards, but the major difference this time was that I had my girls with me and not the dog.  I’ll let you work out which set is the most peaceful!  I’m now on the eve of my next trip away with the girls and can’t decide what I’m feeling.  I can’t wait to go away, but there’s this nagging feeling that it might be a complete disaster.  I’m just being honest about the reality of life with my children.  It goes without saying that I love them to the bloody moon and back but I think this is a make or break kind of trip and it might be the last. 

I learnt a few things last time and one of them was that we all need our own space, so off to the shops I went and bought 2 small tents.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to pitch them outside until I get there, so the idea is that they will go in the awning and it gives the girls somewhere to hide and sleep.  Just wish I could sound proof them!

 Caravan and awning

Back to the last trip.  The girls and I went to the Lake District to a small site near Borrowdale, for 3 nights and within 5 minutes of leaving to come home I had a blow out on one of my car tyres.  Not only that, it happened on a stretch of road that barely fits 2 cars down with nowhere to pull over safely.  Had to drive for about 5 mins with the whole unit bouncing all over the place and making an almighty noise.   Plus 2 girls totally stressing about what was happening, make that 3!  Finally got to a safe place to pull over and contemplating having a go myself or phone the RAC, which I didn’t want to do to just to change a tyre, oh and I had no phone signal.  Within 5 minutes my guardian angel, in the form of Ivan, pulls over and offers to help.  Lucky for him we’re in the throws of a pandemic otherwise he would have got a big kiss.  Anyway he sorted us out within 20 minutes and off we went. 

I’ll never forget Ivan and his kindness.

 Ivan and Katie

The holiday itself was pretty good, the weather was stunning and the lake was within walking distance of the site so lots of swimming (escaping for 30 minutes peace) for me.  The campsite was nestled in amongst trees and was so peaceful. The Lake District never disappoints, I’ll definitely be back with Baxter.

 Lake District

I know from experience and I’m sure anyone with kids will know that not all holidays go swimmingly (no pun intended).  To help cope with this I’d booked activities on both of our full days, this was the only way I was going to get the girls out of the caravan and off their tech.  Some would say, “you take the tech off them and make them go for a walk with you” but to be honest in my world that’s just not worth it.

 Path in Lake District

The first day we went tubing, a massive rubber ring and an oar down a river.  It was good fun, once we’d stopped going round and round in circles. Then on the second we went Canyoning, jumping and abseiling off rocks while going down a small river. This was fun and I was so proud of the girls. It could have gone either way, but they fully embraced the risk and their fear and absolutely smashed it.  These are the moments you have to hold onto, when you feel like your little family is working as a unit, supporting each other and most importantly having a damn good time.  Takeaway pizza on the way back to the caravan also helped.

 Tubing on river in Lake District

Canyoning in the Lake District

I’ve had time to reflect on this trip and yes, there were some extremely stressful times (I did end up in tears at one point, maybe 2) but there was also those gorgeous little moments that I’ll remember more and are much nicer to hold onto.  When the girls helped me put up and take down the awning without whinging, when we sat in a restaurant and had fish and chips and chatted, when we ate pizza in the car and talked about how brave we all were abseiling off a rock,  when we had shared experiences doing the activities and there was a few more too. That’s what we need to do with children, hold on to the good moments because there are always some.


The girls are at their Dad’s until we go away on Monday, so my time will be filled with shopping and holiday prep.  Need to take the awning and other caravan stuff down to the van and then she needs a good clean inside and out.  I’ve double checked that I have actually booked kayaking and treetop trekking for the week ahead and the weather is looking like it’s going to be amazing.  I’m sure the Lake District will be it’s beautiful self, I will learn more parenting lessons and how to be a better referee and the girls will be on their A game…wish me luck!

Canyoning in the Lake District

Katie Lee
Katie Lee

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