A Tea Party Fit For a Northerner

May 20, 2021 6 min read

Now that restrictions are finally lifting and we're in the queue for vaccine number two, we're starting to see more of our family and friends. Unfortunately, we didn't think to book in advance to visit our favourite restaurant and, to our horror, it's completely booked up until June! Since we've been unable to see our family for sooo long we simply can't wait until June for our big reunion so we've been brainstorming to think of alternative ways we can meet up safely.

After careful consideration, we've decided to throw an outdoor tea party for some of our closest friends and family but this isn't just any tea party, it's going to be a tea party fit for a Northerner! 

Now what constitutes a Northern tea party, I hear you ask. 

A tea party fit for a Northerner is crafted with the highest quality Northern produce and, of course, some accessories from For the Love of the North. If this sounds like something you fancy, have a little read below to find out how to make your own. 

The Main Event

Obviously, you can't have a Tea Party without a nice brew. But, for this extra special Tea Party, we'll be putting down our standard teabags and switching to some loose leaf tea brewed right here in the North East. 

Our tea comes from our For the Love of the North supply of loose leaf tea. Now, we know what you're all thinking, loose leaf tea is a bit of a faff on, but we promise it couldn't be simpler. All you'll need is a teapot and a reusable strainer and the instructions on the packet, then you've got the perfect cuppa. 

At For the Love of the North we stock three different selections of tea which are all inspired by the North East. 

For those with a sweet tooth 

Durham berry Loose Leaf tea

We have a delicious berry tea inspired by County Durham. The deep purple hue represents the stained glass windows of the Cathedral and the floral notes pay homage to the rural countryside.

For those who like something a bit more natural

We're both massive fans of the humble camomile tea but it's had a bit of a makeover in the Northumbrian Wild Flower loose leaf tea. This tea is inspired by the rolling hills of Northumberland and is made with whole flowers, herbs, fruits and leaves. It is pure relaxation in a cup. 

For those who just want a true brew

Tyne Brew Loose Leaf Tea
We know not everyone likes the floral and fruity teas. That's okay because we've got a classic 'proper brew' on offer too. The Tyne Brewloose leaf tea has a deep malty flavour inspired by the industrial age of the North East. This tea is ethically sourced and perfect for those who like a good old fashioned cuppa. 

Not a tea lover? 

Of course, not everyone is a huge fan of tea but that's okay because we've also got plenty of fresh coffee to brew up instead. 

Holy Grail Blend


Holy Grail Coffee

We like to use coffee that has been brewed in Holy Island, and the Holy Grail blend is one of our absolute favourites. The coffee is organically grown in Rotutu and Nensebo Relisa which gives it a really unique flavour with fruity hints of tangerine and mango- delicious. 

Daily Bread Blend

Daily Bread Coffee


One of our other favourite flavours is the Daily Bread blend which is organically grown in Brazil and Columbia. This coffee has a rich undertone of chocolate and hazelnut praline which is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Don't worry if caffeine isn't for you, sometimes we like to opt for the Decaf option instead. 


Sort the sarnies

We don't sell sarnies at For the Love of the North and we fancied a night off the cooking, so we've decided to visit our favourite sandwich shop in the North East, Robineau

Robineau was established in 2002 and is based in Darlington, County Durham. They supply the BEST French patisseries and sandwich platters. 

Classic and vegetarian sandwich platters for £18. 

A bit cheesy? 

Since Lucy is veggie, we like to keep the options open for something other than sandwiches, so we'll be purchasing some of our favourite local cheeses from our local deli in Whitley Bay, Kork

Kork is an independent local wine ship and deli in our hometown, Whitley Bay.  The owners are a couple running a local business just like us! We usually pop in on a Friday for a bottle of our favourite wine, but this time we'll be opting for their Northumberland Blue cheese and some cold meats for Paul and the rest of the meat-eaters.

Posh Picnics


If you aren't fancying sourcing all your Tea Party treats from different places in the North East, we have the perfect solution.  The Whitby Deli is the BEST place in the North East for sourcing pre-made Charcuterie boards. 

The Whitby Deli is beloved by Yorkshire for its selection of baked goods and locally sourced products. Sometimes we like to treat ourselves to one of their pre-made Grazing Boards instead of making our own. Our favourite board has to be the Classic which comes with: 

  • Dale End Cheddar
  • Brie de Meaux
  • Yorkshire Blue
  • Olives
  • Artisan cheese biscuits with hose chutney 
  • Yorkshire honeycomb
  • Charcuterie selection

To order you need to email them at hello@thewhitbydeli.co.uk.

 Booze it up? 


Who said you couldn't have a bit of booze at a Tea Party?  It is technically a party, so we think, if you fancy it, it's okay! Whenever we want to get some delicious organic wine, we always visit the wonderful Grape and Grain in Northumberland. 

Grape and Grain is one of our favourite independent shops and they stock fine wines and spirits. It's a completely family-owned business located in the heart of Northumberland and, if you fancy it, they also stock Cuban cigars! 


Add the finishing touches

Now we have all the basics covered, it's time to really style out this Tea Party and add some FTLOTN touches to make it truly fit for a Northerner. 


Hyem Bunting
We're going to decorate our back garden with strings of fairy lights and even some bunting. We love this handmade bunting for adding a little personal touch to our parties and events. This bunting says 'Hyem' which we thought was rather fitting since we'll all be back hyem together. 


Of course, it isn't a tea party with mugs for your tea! This bone china Mouth of the Tyne mug is inspired by the North Tyneside coast and comes in this bright blue colour that will brighten up our table nicely. 

If we do end up cracking open a cheeky bottle of wine, then we'll swap our bone china mugs to our tin St Mary's Lighthouse mugs. These mugs are so much better than plastic reusable wine glasses because they're more sustainable. If we're sitting outside we tend to avoid actual wine glasses because they're so breakable and these mugs are a fab alternative.  



Coastal Coasters II
Of course, we need something to put our mugs of tea onto, so we'll be using our current favourite collection of coastal coasters. We love the design of these stunning coasters and they always brighten up our table. 


Kielder Dark Skies Tea Towel
Unfortunately, we'll still need to do the washing up at the end of the night. But, using this Kielder Dark Skies tea towel always makes it a little bit easier! We love the tea towels in our FTLOTN store because they're made from super soft organic cotton and they always look great in our kitchen. 
We also love using these sustainable reusable sponges when we're washing up. They come in 3 different designs and are friendlier to the planet than typical sponges. 


Handmade quilt
Since we'll be sitting outside and the weather isn't too good here up in the North East, we'll be giving our guests some blankets and quilts to keep warm. We love our collection of handmade quilts at For the Love of the North because no two are the same. They're each crafted and handsewn by a creative from Whitley Bay using some of our favourite tea towels and other designs. 
There you have it, now we're off to enjoy all of our delicious treats from around the North East. Have a lovely Thursday! 


Amelia Dunn
Amelia Dunn

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