Bringing the Seaside Inside: Some of our favourite coastal themed prints

May 13, 2021 5 min read

At For the Love of the North, we work with around 70 different creatives to bring you locally sourced artwork inspired by the beauty of the North East- and what a beautiful place it is! Since we stock such a wide range of prints that features everywhere from Northumberland to Yorkshire, we've decided to shortlist some of our favourite coastal prints at For the Love of the North. 
Now, our stock is always changing and we're always keen to work with new artists so keep your eyes peeled for any updates on our For the Love of the North Products page. But for now, here are some of our best buys in-store and online

St Mary's Lighthouse A3,£25

St Mary's Lighthouse A3 print
St Mary's Lighthouse is one of the most remarkable landscapes here in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside. Built in the 1890s, St Mary's Lighthouse was once an important part of the fishing and trade industry, often guiding straying ships back towards the quay. The lighthouse was officially decommissioned in 1984 but nowadays it still operates as a popular tourist destination. If you're lucky you'll be able to go seal and dolphin spotting or even climb to the top of the lighthouse. 
We adore this print because of its abstract quality and bold, unusual colour palette. At For the Love of the North, we usually opt for more realist style prints when we're stocking our shop but this one really stuck out to us as a truly innovative reimagining of one of our favourite spots in Whitley. The print is sisters with several others in the Left Hand Gang collection on our website. The collection also includes prints featuring the Tyne Bridge, Bamburgh Castle and Spanish City. 

Rendezvous Café Mounted Print, £25

What's a trip to Whitley Bay without a visit to one of the North East's most iconic cafés? The Rendezvous Café has been standing on our promenade since 1930 and was originally known as the Garden Restaurant. In 1957 the Arone family took over the café and refurbished it to the Rendezvous we know and love today. The Rendezvous undergoes regular maintenance work but it has always managed to keep that same charming aesthetic as in the late 50s.

 This print is a must-have for any textile lovers and is a great way to introduce different textures into your home. Since the original piece is rather pricy, we've stocked a range of mounted prints for a cheaper alternative. Even though this isn't made from materials as such you can still really see the textures of each stitch and trim. We all know that Rendezvous Café isn't going anywhere but isn't it great to have your very own slice of such an iconic Whitley Bay building? 

Rendezvous, Whitley Bay Mounted Printed

Cullercoats Vintage-Style Travel Poster, £25 


Cullercoats is one of our favourite places to visit on lazy Sundays in the summer. The beach is an idyllic crescent-shaped cove that is enclosed by two long piers and calm waters. Cullercoats beach is a hub for paddle-boarding and kayaking but if you prefer to stay inland, there's a whole host of wonderful coffee shops and restaurants. 

This vintage-inspired Cullercoats poster is one of our absolute favourites at the minute. It's typically very 'coastal' which is why we love it, it really makes your home feel like a seaside holiday destination! The print is actually part of a wider collection of vintage travel posters which all feature our favourite coastal destinations. 

Cullercoats Velomentary Square Print

Tynemouth Longsands at Sunset A4 Print, £12


Tynemouth Longsands is the largest beach in North Tyneside and is probably the most popular with holidaymakers during the summer months. One of the most attractive features of Tynemouth has to be the surf lessons which run every day during the summer months (weather permitting, of course). Though we're yet to test our surfboard skills, we often find ourselves wandering through Tynemouth's very own marketplace on the weekend. The market is a treasure trove of all things crafty with plenty of handmade delights to rifle through. If we're visiting the market, we usually skip the home-cooked lunch and eat there. The choices are endless from Greek gyros to burgers as well as pastries and scones- we could honestly eat there for every meal! 

This print has a special place in our hearts as it truly captures the magic of the seaside during the summer months. For as long as we can remember we've spent long lazy evenings watching the sunset with a glass of wine and a homemade picnic. The reason we adore this print so much is that it comes as part of a wider collection of 'A City By The Sea' prints which each feature a place in the North East. The prints are all created in the same style so you can buy them individually or as a collection- our walls are full of them! 

Tynemouth A4 Print

Spanish City Matchbox A4 Print, £14

It wouldn't be a blog about the coast without the mention of our wonderful home, Spanish City. Since 1910 Spanish City has been a prominent feature of the Whitley Bay skyline, first as a dance hall then a funfair and now a shopping and dining plaza. We moved into Spanish City just over two years ago and, honestly, we've never felt more at home! We get to watch over our beautiful coastline all year round and better still we get to chat with North East natives and tourists every single day- what's not to love? 

We adore this print because it captures the magic of For the Love of the North's home. Just as the print shows, we see endless flocks of gulls by day and, on the dark nights, we get to see the glowing moon over the North Sea. The matchbox style of print is revolutionary and was unlike anything we'd ever seen before, in fact, we liked it so much that we now stock an entire collection of matchbox A4 prints. We stock almost everywhere in the North East in these adorable matchboxes and, just like the 'A City By the Sea' prints, they can be bought individually or as a full collection. 


Spanish City Matchbox A4 print

For the Love of the North Exclusive Ice Cream A4 Print, £12

 We couldn't leave you hanging without a sneak peek of our latest exclusive print, could we? 

This wonderful print is inspired by the most magical part of a trip to the seaside- ice cream, of course! Every time we visit any beach whether it's in the North, East, South or West, we need to buy an ice cream! That being said, we don't often need to travel too far because our hometown of Whitley Bay does boast one of the UK's best ice cream parlours, Di Meo's

We've absolutely loved working with our beloved designer Ebony to create this pastel coloured delight ready for the summertime. After the year we've all had we wanted to create something that would put a smile on our faces and we think this print does just that. 


Amelia Dunn
Amelia Dunn

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