Champions of the North East

We are in reflective mood for our first blog of 2019 and looking back at the previous year. We think it’s pretty obvious that we both absolutely love the North East but we want to shine the light on some of the fabulous people who have really championed our wonderful region during 2018. 

1. Rachel Horton - The Culture Vulture

Rachel works tirelessly and with such passion to shine the light on the wonderful array of cultural activities that occur throughout the region. Her enthusiasm for the artists, creatives and businesses who all go towards creating this amazing cultural offer is wonderfully infectious and she makes such a positive impact in encouraging people to shop local and support small independent businesses. Rachel is really making a difference and long may she continue to do so.

2. Lisa Shaw - BBC Newcastle

We were very lucky to be invited onto Lisa’s fabulous mid morning a few times during 2018. Lisa and her wonderful team for two hours each weekday morning celebrates the people of the North East and all the wonderful and varied things they do to make the region such a special place to live. Lisa is a true professional of broadcasting whose warm rapport with her many listeners makes her such a champion of the North East. You can listen to Lisa Monday to Friday from 10:00am - Noon.

3. Kathryn Delaney - Brilliantly Social 

Kathryn is another great champion of the arts and crafts scene here in the North East. Starting out as ‘Brilliantly Bairns’ which had a strong focus on arts and crafts activities happening in the region that would appeal to bairns and their folk. As a result of this the hashtag #northeastcreatives was born and we certainly have used that many times during 2018 to great effect. Now with Brilliantly Social Kathryn offers her extensive talents to artists, creatives and small businesses within the North East to help develop their social media. We were delighted to have Kathryn guest blog with us last summer focusing on brilliant places to go for free with the bairns.

4. Northern Soul - Stuff to do. Things to think about.

The fabulous folk at Northern Soul which is an online publication with contributions by Northern writers who embrace theatre, music, authors, art, heritage, food, small businesses and much more that the North of England has to offer. This is far more than just a listings website and it really does its bit to focus on the hidden gems that we may not know about and gives us the chance to embrace fabulous new creative experiences. How they describe themselves perfectly sums up why we love what they do:

‘Northern Soul was borne out of a desire to read some proper good writing about where we live. We also wanted to see images that do our urban and rural landscapes justice. In a world where anyone with a keyboard and opposable thumbs can call themselves a writer, we believe there is a desire for quality compositions. ‘

We were beyond bowled over to be listed in their 2018 list of the 50 Great Northerners in such esteemed company as our very own Brendan Foster, Doctor Who herself Jodie Whittaker and the icon that is Lord Melvyn Bragg.

5. Ray Laidlaw

Lastly we have someone from the North East whom we both respect and admire so much, the great Ray Laidlaw. Ray’s credentials as someone who has made a vast contribution and imprint of the musical landscape of the North East go well before him. We have been lucky enough in 2018 to go on a couple of those fabulous Tyne Idols tours with Ray as our guide. What we love so much about Ray as it is not just the heritage of the North East he celebrates but how he champions with passion the artists of the present and really promotes those talented young upcoming musicians with an eye very much to the future. Ray is a lovely chap and an afternoon or evening in his company has you brimming with pride for the region. Thank you Ray.