Guide To Visiting The North East: Tynemouth

July 12, 2021 3 min read

We absolutely love where we live and if we're honest we definitely think some of the best places to visit during summer are right here on our very own doorstep. We’re starting a new series where we go through different locations within the North East and tell you all there is to do there. So whether you’re a local or a visitor looking for a weekend trip away, here’s some tips on what to do and where to go - starting with: Tynemouth!



Things to do

Visit Tynemouth Priory

There’s no way you can go to Tynemouth without taking a walk around Tynemouth Priory & Castle. Once one of the largest fortified areas of England, it’s become the perfect place for a family day out. With history stretching back over 2000 years and stunning views overlooking the North Sea, it would be a bit silly to not visit. 



Surfing at Tynemouth Longsands

If there’s one thing I know about visiting Tynemouth, it’s that you’ll always see surfers out in the water - in sunshine, heavy rain and even snow! Longsands is a scenic beach that attracts visitors from all over, stretching over a mile with golden sand as well as rocks, dunes and cliffs. It’s perfect for surfing the waves, swimming or even just walking by (if surfing isn’t your thing!)


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Admire Pretty Streets and Quaint Houses 

One of the many highlights of visiting Tynemouth is the aesthetics - it’s absolutely brimming with beautiful buildings and streets. Take a walk along Front Street, the coastline and beyond and you’re sure to find some Instagrammable scenery. 



Shopping at Tynemouth Market

One of my personal favourite things to do in Tynemouth is to visit the market which is hosted at Tynemouth Metro station. Not only is it a brilliant place to find deals (I usually find the best pre-owned vinyls there) it’s also a great way to support local businesses and creatives. As you know, we’re very big on sustainability and supporting small, local businesses rather than larger corporations and Tynemouth market really is one of the best ways to do that. Plus, the station is a sight in itself! It still has a lot of the original features from when it was built in 1882, including glass roofing over the platforms. Decorated with bunting, music playing and the smell of  fresh food’s a great place to spend your weekends. 


Learn fascinating facts at the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade Museum

Museum showing the history of the brigade from its formation in 1864 to the present day, some say it’s Tynemouth’s hidden gem. The museum hosts an interesting and unique collection of artefacts and unusual items, all to recreate the history of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade and their involvement in heroic coastal rescues from the past 155 years. The perfect place to visit if you’re a history lover, a coastal lover or both. 



Places to Eat/Drink

Riley's Fish Shack

Nestled right on King Edward’s Bay, is Riley’s Fish Shack. It’s known to be a popular place in Tynemouth, and for good reason! The food is all fresh seafood, sourced daily from local fishing boats and cooked over a real charcoal BBQ/fire. They describe themselves as honest and rustic. Surely a must visit place! 




Located on Longsands beach, a unique venue with panoramic views across the sands and water. They’re a family run business who have been looking after locals & visitors to the area for over 20 years! They have indoor and outdoor seating, serving delicious street food with a relaxing atmosphere. 



Where to stay

The Grand Hotel

If you want to spend a night by the coast, The Grand Hotel is an obvious choice.The Grand Hotel is set upon a cliff top and boasts views of Longsands beach and the North Sea. This prestigious Victorian property dates back to 1872 and is known for its sophisticated rooms and decor. 


How to get there

Metro / bus / taxi

If travelling from Newcastle City Centre to Tynemouth, one of the better ways is to use our Metro service - take the metro from Monument station heading towards the coast and get off at Tynemouth station. However, you can also catch the 306 bus from Haymarket Bus Station or the obvious alternative of getting a taxi. 


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And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the best things to do in Tynemouth. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning a trip there yourself, or if you’re a local, what are some of your favourite hidden gems? 

Caitlin Steele
Caitlin Steele

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