How we learnt to love onesies (and why supporting other North East business is important)

We love hearing about North East businesses that have a strong passion for what they do and a real heart to go with it. And so it was with huge excitement and delight that we were asked to pay a visit to the fabulous folk at the The-All-In -One Company. Some of you may very well have heard of them - from their base in Ashington they make custom all-in-one onesies that make their way all over the globe and each one is made with great love and care. 

The amazing person behind The All-In-One Company is Kate Dawson who has had a varied career working in her family business to becoming a fully qualified nursery nurse and working as a Nanny. 

All this life experience was essential groundwork for what was to come. What led to Kate and the world of onesies coming together was born out of a search to find something to keep her daughter warm and cosy during the night when the covers on the bed had fallen off and she woke up feeling cold. And so fast forward to 2019 and we have a company based right here in the North East that where customised all-in-onesies are sent all around the globe. Made with two very important ingredients, love and care.

We were invited to visit by Kate to see their production set up and learn all about a rather fabulous experience they offer, “The All-In-One Experience”. And so we were off on our travels again and readers of a most recent couple of blogs will have seen that Lucy’s Dad was our driver for the day. For a jaunt to Ashington we were taking the 57 bus from Whitley Bay and enjoyed a lovely tootle through the likes of Seaton Deleval and Bedlington on a bright Monday morning. We had a little walk onwards past Ashington high street and Onesie HQ was in our reach. It is located in a former day nursery and from the outside you would never believe the wonderful fun world that lies inside. 

We met with Kate herself and her head of marketing Rachel Jane Lister. They both passionately explained the wonderful ethos of The-All-In-One Company and how everyone who works there is part of a small working family all committed to creating a quality product. As we explored the stages of the experience day, that ethos becomes apparent.

The experience day is a truly family experience and such a personal one as you are so involved in the production process, from choosing your unique design to selecting exactly what pattern, warmth and feel of the material you want. You choose it all. They want you to create something so personal to you so the process is definitely not rushed. There are all sorts of designs of hoods, suits, slippers, and even tails you can choose. The room where you create your design like all of the factory is bright and cheerful and you can just imagine the fun that must be had in the selection process.

We have to put our hands up here and confess that we have never worn a onesie in our lives. However, Paul's face was priceless when he discovered that here you can create your very own onesie suit and yes we mean “suit” compete with bow tie. He was instantly converted to the cause upon this revelation. Lucy was in heaven with the cosy, snuggly fabrics and could happily imagine herself at home, sat on the sofa working on the laptop in her own creation.

Once you have chosen your design, fabric and all measurements taken it’s is time for the magic to begin and the exciting world of the cutting room. Here their highly skilled master cutters hand cut your chosen fabric into your very own design. You can tell that there is such a happy atmosphere amongst the team and this is a very special company to work for. Indeed on the wall as you walk in, the display 'Who made my clothes' shares everyone who works for the company and their role. It's a great to see how important each and everyone is whilst being a poignant nod to those who lost their lives in the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 and the fashion revolution that began with the hashtag #whomademyclothes which aimed to encourage more curious consumers and more transparent companies.

After your design has been cut there is the Sprinkle Station where you can add even more magic to your onesie and choose all sorts of things to add to your creation even further make it a unique item to love. And where it literally all comes together, the sewing room. And what a hive of activity it is. The team based in the sewing room bring it all to life and like everyone here are hugely skilled at what they do.

As the process heads towards the finished product it’s time to take a break and what better way than with some cake in their tea room. It really makes a lovely end to the experience and you can discover more about the company and the fabulous work they do in supporting a raft of local and national charities. 

We so love it when we discover experiences out there that are just so unique and different that gets everyone involved and you come away with a feeling of huge pride that this is happening right here in the North East. Through the enjoyment of creating your own personal onesie, to seeing the happy workforce and how it is giving employment to local people, equipping them with new skills and how they are truly making a difference through their support of good causes, Kate and her team have something really rather wonderful here. 

Just for info: The experience day is the same price as buying your onesie online so if you live in the North East and are planning to design your own onesie it looks (to us) like the perfect fun day out.

Lucy and Kate met at a Design North East event and started chatting about their mutual love of the North East. This resulted in our visit and today's blog.

The All-In-One Company are offering a 5% discount to readers of our blog. This can be used on either the experience day or when buying any product (onesie or accessory) from their website. You just need to enter the code FTLOTN5 at checkout. For the Experience Day pop the code FTLOTN5 into the 'additional comments' box when requesting your date.  The discount will then be applied when paying your final balance on the actual day (and will apply to all purchases made on the day). This is an affiliate link so in addition to the 5% you will receive For the Love of the North will receive a small percentage of sales which we'll use to expand the North East creatives we are able to work with.