Spring Into Summer with our guide to all things gardening

April 20, 2021 2 min read

This year is all about looking forward, so what better way to do that than prepare your garden for a blooming brilliant summer 2021 (yes, the cringe pun was intended). In this guide, we are offering advice for gardening through the months of September-May to ensure that, by this summer and summer 2022 you will have a garden to be proud of (perfect for holding socially-distant gatherings of up to six people).


Mid-September through to mid-October offers ideal conditions for planting Daffodils, Crocus and Hyacinths. Planting them in the weather and soil conditions across these months will make them ready to flower in early spring. 


Tulips thrive when planted between October and November ready to flower between March and May. The Tulips should be sown in well-drained soil that gets plenty of sunlight and is shielded from strong, gusting winds. 

Wildflowers are the perfect seed to sow across the colder wintertime as they can withstand the cold temperatures of a British winter. The Wildflowers should blossom in spring and will be welcomed by butterflies and bees. It is recommended to select flowers that are indigenous to your area to ensure they flower without disturbing your local eco-system. 


Lillies can be planted any time from autumn to spring as long as they are placed in a sunny spot. When planting your Lillies you should ensure that they are sown in rich and well-drained soil.

Eucomis are usually planted in spring, but if you’re itching to get green-fingered they can be planted earlier so long as they are placed in either a pot or container or extremely well-drained soil. If they are planted in this way, they will withstand temperatures of around -6 degrees celsius. 


Hardy Annuals can be sown directly where they are expected to flower, however, the ground must be well-prepared. To prepare the soil you must completely clear the area of weeds and rake the area to a fine tilth. The soil must not be enriched. 

Poppies can be sown between March and May to ensure a late summer or early autumn bloom. Poppies are a durable flower and are ideal for brightening any garden towards the end of the summer season. 


Sunflowers are best planted in mid to late May. They will grow rapidly to mature by the end of August. Sunflowers can tolerate a variety of moist soil, so long as they are exposed to direct sunlight. 

Marigolds are an excellent companion flower to plant alongside vegetables and other flowers as they deter pests and insects that can destroy your garden. They are resilient flowers that can survive in a range of conditions but they will do best with full exposure to the sun. 

Amelia Dunn
Amelia Dunn

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