Chip Butty Handmade Banner

Hand sewn onto vintage fabric, the words CHIP BUTTY shout out loud (we were taught capitals were used for important things, right?).  Floral backgrounds with black bold lettering, then a double tassel detail so the banner moves every time you do!

This fabulous chip butty banner was handmade by Bianco Perry especially for our Spanish City Typography Exhibition 

Dimensions: 29 inches wide and 31 inches high (including tabs and tassel).

Bianco Perry is my dream name, my real one is Jennie but secretly I would like to be named after my favourite drink, Lambrini. 

Influenced heavily by my favourite things; I carefully curate hoops and banners in themes that reflect my interests, icons and role models. 

The fabric I stitch onto is mostly vintage florals or abstract prints, which I think adds to the authenticity of owning a Bianco, making every item a complete one off. 

I’m a one-woman team with two Spaniels that follow me everywhere I go, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.