‘Never Go Back to Work...’ Framed Print

Framed print on 180g paper using vegetable ink

Dimensions: 420 x 530mm 

Artist bio:

Tim Sokell

I seem to have been messing about with lettering one way or another for most of my life; studying typography and graphic design in my student days, then working for many years in the graphic design industry before taking time out to study calligraphy 'properly' some years ago.

I enjoy designing with letters, but I'm also at home with straightforward lettering in a formal context, either in a traditional or contemporary style. I love to work on lettering projects, whether it's a commissioned gift for a friend or family member, or a personal project such as a family tree, poetry, or wedding stationery and branding.
My background in design means you get the benefit of years of experience in terms of the creative process, as well as the quality hand skills required to produce a beautiful piece of artwork.