Incoming Tide at Cullercoats Bay

Incoming Tide at Cullercoats was paintedon aSummer evening. I loved working from the boats in the harbour as the sun was going down.  People were still out enjoying themselves by the shoreline and splashing about in the shallows.  The tide didend upreaching my easel before I had to make a hasty retreat.

Dimensions : 320 x 370mm

Stuart Jones is an outdoor landscape painter living in Newcastle upon Tyne.  

Stuart finds working directly from nature in the open air or ‘enplen air’ to be the most rewarding way to capture the light,atmosphere and conditions of the day.  Working from life ensures an immediacy and energy to his brushwork.  Every mark is of the moment with each painting developed using thewet into wet process.

Stuart’s work is impressionistic in style,whichlends his paintings a fresh vitality.  He loves to record life as it happens, particularly from coastal subject matter along the North Tyneside beaches thatare a continuous source of inspiration.

“Its important to methat the painting comes from what I observe and see in the landscape.  For me, a successful painting is the artist learning to see and showing the audience this through a particular colour,mark or light effect.”

 Stuart gained a BA in Fine Art at Northampton University in 2003 and an MA in Fine Art at Newcastle University in 2007.  He exhibits regularly in exhibitions across the country and his work can be viewed online at