Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: 765 x 550mm

Pamela Ormston: My work is a snapshot into life along the Northeast coastline and the busyness thatis drawn to it. I am fascinated by theever changing canvas of the coastline - the landscape, the weather, the colours and the hive of human life. I have a huge collection of photographs of my observations of people navigating their everyday lives around the seaside and it is from my vastphoto reel of imagery that I take inspiration for my painting.

It is those brief lovely moments of coffee meets, children jumping, swimmers and bathers and the intense colours in the flashes of bare skin in the sunshine, lights on a fairground ride or seaweed washed up on the sand that captivate me. I work as a secondary school art teacher and live my working life to the pace of the school bell. I am also a mother to three very lively young children.As a result of these things I am acutely aware of the speed of passing time, which is why I think I feel compelled to preserve these precious moments in paint on a canvas.