On the crest of the dancing waves 1 (Dancing Waves)

This is a seascape that focuses on the turning waves as they move and flow towards the beach with the incoming tide. It is painted with acrylic paint on a stretched canvas, I have use shades of blue to create depth and movement. I want the viewer to feel that they are actually standing on the beach watching the waves that are getting closer to them and they may even feel the splash from them.

Can be purchased as a pair as seen in the second image for£200. Please contact us direct if of interest

Dimensions: 500x 200 mm

Sue Ridley - I was born in South Shields in 1965 and feel the Northern coast has been partof my life for as long as I can remember. It has been a big part of my life and influenced my creative and artistic development.

I initially studied at Sunderland University and gained a B.A Hons Degree in Glass and Ceramics in 1989. After graduating I decided to do a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate at Newcastle University and I have been a Primary School teacher for thirty years. At the moment I am a part time teacher/artist.

My Art Studio is in B. Box Studios which is in Stoddart Street, Shieldfield,Newcastle. I love being part of The Biscuit Factory Trust and being in the artistic hub of Ouseburn.

At the moment I am enjoying using Acrylic Paints to create images of the waves I photograph while I’m walking my dog on the beach. I visit all of our local beaches fromSeaham to Whitley Bay and beyond. I am fascinated by the waves and find the quickestway to capture their instant beauty is with the camera on my mobile phone. I use the images I have captured in my photographs as inspiration formypaintings. My aim in each of my paintings is to create a painting with movement and I use a range of techniques achieve it.I enjoy using a range of tools too as well as my fingers.