Rhythm Of The Sea

Paper cutting depicting the movement of waves and its calming, meditative state it has upon us.

Dimensions: 350 x 470mm 

Stacey Bone, the founder of Funnybones Creationsis an Illustrator and Designer living and working inWashington Tyne and Wear. She works primarily with paper creating striking paper cut art. The delicacy of the paper and the intricate details of the paper cut contrast wonderfully with her silhouette style. Inspired by places and landmarks, Stacey’s work includes a range of paper cuttingsthemed around the North East of England.A love for all things paper Stacey’s product rangeextends to portraiture; cutting gorgeous sentimental pieces making ideal gifts for special occasions, beautiful 3D paper flowers and a quirky range of “cuddle cards” with cute pop out arms.