“I wanted to highlight the importance of fair and sustainable fashion that improves the lives of women, an ethos I share strongly with Smart Works. When wearing something that has a positive connection to other women, whether that be the person making your clothes having a good quality of life and financial independence, or your money going towards a good cause, you naturally feel empowered! To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, I was inspired to illustrate a modern-day goddess modelled on the stance of a 1920’s feminine statue and balancing the scales of justice, bringing attention to the environmental, social and ethical aspects of our fashion industry and their importance for gender equality.”

Melanie Kyles is a hand-embroidery specialist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Her creative work has reached an international audience and explores contemporary craftsmanship and sustainability within the fashion industry. She hosts regular workshops and events from her studio The Fashion Lab in Ampersand Inventions that includes practical sessions on sewing, embroidery and embellishment. She also produces commissioned embroidery pieces, hand embellished and embroidered artwork, and has previously been involved in International Women’s Day through her curation of two consecutive exhibitions in Vane gallery to mark the occasion.

Melanie Kyles A3 IWD Print


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