Meet the Artist: Josie Brookes


    It's a real joy to work with Josie. You can find her wonderful illustrations upon our Fabulous Northern Women range of products which is collaboration with both Josie and the author and poet Kate Fox whose book "Where's there's Muck there's Bra's" was the inspiration behind the project.

    Josie is a true North East Creative. 

    Tell us about yourself and a fun fact...

    I am a freelance Illustrator and art facilitator born and bred in Newcastle upon Tyne, based at Mushroom Works Studios. I specialise in illustration with a focus on colour experimentation, collage and print making techniques. I'm left handed and always banging on about it! I once baked 300 gingerbread men and women for an art project.

    What made you get into the world of artwork and creativity?

    I always loved drawing and creating as a kid, and never wanted to stop!

    Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

    I am very inspired by bold colours. Inspiration comes from everywhere; things I spot, my friends and family, what's going on in the world - it all influences my art. 

    How does the North East influence your work?

    Hugely. I am very proud Northerner. I love this region, it inspires me so much. A lot of my commissioned work involves exploring the places and people of our region. 

    What has been your favourite project to work on?

    It's hard to pick one, as I'm lucky that I get to work on a lot of varied projects. I loved working on my Angel of the North portrait for the 20th Anniversary. It was fun to interpret this amazing icon in my own style and imagine what the Angel's face might look like!

    What’s your favourite place in the region to visit?

    A firm favourite is Howick gardens - especially in the springtime when the daffodils come out!

    Small indie business shout out - name your top 3 small indie businesses...

    All my studio mates at Mushroom Works, who create incredible things - we have Open Studios coming up in November, so it's a perfect time to see what everyone is up to.

    Northern Rye Bakery in the Ouseburn does the best pastries I've ever eaten! 

    I also recently discovered Pop Recs in Sunderland who are doing amazing things for the cultural scene.


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