Meet the Artist: Lisa Barlow


    We've had the huge privilege to work with Lisa on a variety of projects and absolutely love her illustration style. You can find her designs on a range of our exclusive FTLOTN products. From tea towels, tote bags, prints and cards, some of them have even been turned into Christmas decorations. 

    Tell us about yourself and a fun fact...

    I'm a designer/illustrator based in the North East, I live with my husband and super fluffy rescue cat. I work part time as an in-house childrenswear designer and the rest of my time I work on freelance projects.

    What made you get into the world of artwork and creativity?

    I've always been interested in art and enjoyed drawing from a young age, but it wasn't until I went to university that I knew I wanted to do this as a career.

    Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new artwork?

    I tend to find inspiration from looking at vintage packaging, children's books and travelling. 

    What's your favourite place in the region to visit?

    My favourite place to visit in the region is the coast, especially Whitley Bay and all of the small business and coffee shops that have popped up over the past few years. I also love hiking, so Northumberland national park and Kielder Forest are some of my favourite spots in the North East. 

    What has been your favourite project to work on?

    My favourite FTLOTN project I've worked on recently have been the maps I've illustrated, I love seeing them on all of the different products they end up on.

    Small indie business shout out - name your top 3 small indie businesses...

    There's so many amazing indie businesses out there, including FTLOTN.

    I also love Northern Rye at the Ouseburn, and visit it more frequently than I care to admit haha, their many yummy pastries have kept me going when I've had deadlines looming.

    Conquer Lake District in Keswick, which is one of the most aesthetically pleasing shops I've ever visited.

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