Meet the Manufacturer - Craig Daly, Northern Print Solutions.


    We've chatted with a number of the amazing artists we work with from around the region but it's time to shine the light of some of the fabulous British based manufacturers that we use. We really want to shout loud and proud about how we only use manufacturers based right here in Britain.

    And where better to start than right here in the region.

    Craig Daly runs Northern Print Solutions which is based in Gateshead. We've worked with Craig and NPS for a number of years now (amongst many other things they produce our yearly FTLOTN calendar) and have established a great rapport. Like the artists we collaborate with, Craig and his team are very much part of the FTLOTN family. Let's find out what led Craig to do what he does and what he loves about running his own business. 

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you come to set up NPS?

    I've always been passionate about printing and design. The idea of creating something tangible from imagination fascinated me. After gaining experience in the industry, I founded NPS to provide a platform for creative expression and quality printing.

    Did you always want to set up your own business?

    Yes, the desire to create a business that reflects my values and dedication to craftsmanship was always a driving force.

    What are the things you most enjoy about running NPS?

    Witnessing ideas come to life and the joy it brings to our clients. Also, building a team that shares the same passion for quality and creativity.

    How important is it that businesses use British manufacturers?

    It's crucial for fostering local economies and maintaining high standards. Supporting British manufacturers not only ensures quality but also contributes to sustainable practices.

    What's the biggest piece of advice you could give to anyone looking to set up their own business?

    Stay true to your values, persevere through challenges, and build a team that shares your vision. Embrace learning from every experience.

    Small Business shoutout: Do you have any favourites?

    I've always loved:

    Craig is certainly passionate about what he does and certainly a great supporter of some of our brilliant small indie businesses.