Little Life Adventures


    Over the last year I’ve rediscovered myself, I know this sounds deep and bit hippy, but it’s true.  I’ve remembered how important it is for me to have little life adventures.  Nothing grand like going on safari or flying over the Gran Canyon, but just walking out of my front door and going somewhere new, even if it is 30 minutes up the road.  The caravan trips have given me this but things have changed and I might not be able to get away overnight for a while.  At first I think I was bit upset about it if I’m honest and resentful of this life change.  But I took the dog for a long walk (no Baxter didn’t enjoy this) and by the time I’d got home I realised that this was life, things change and I can adapt and accept. 

    dog and lake

    There was no reason why I couldn’t have little life adventures in one day, I didn’t have to stay overnight, this was something I could do on a Saturday, on my own or with friends.  And that’s what I’ve been doing and I’ve loved it.  The first weekend I was on my own and dragged Baxter with me.  I’m trying to find walks which have somewhere to swim on route.  So I headed off to Harbottle Lake, somewhere a friend had recommended.  It was a beautiful day and the walk and swim were equally beautiful.  It felt good to be out there on my own, happy in my own company and enjoying somewhere new.   On the way back down as I was waiting for my dawdling dog, a lady was catching me up, also walking on her own.  It crossed my mind that we might actually end up walking together chatting or she might just say hello and pass us.   We ended up walking together and discovered we were parked in the same car park.  As we reached the car park we ended up chatting for a while and in the end exchanged numbers saying that next time I was up this way we should catch up.  I love how these little encounters happen in life.

    Northumberland Hills

    For the next 2 Saturday I had friends join me.  The first weekend I was joined by Catherine and we had a lovely walk round Amble and Warkworth and then we drove down to Hauxley Beach for a swim. 

    Warkworth print

    Warkworth A4 unframed print, £14

    The week after my mate Liz joined me for a fantastic circular route nr Wooler.  We climbed a mountain Yeavering Bell, well it felt like a mountain, and swam at the stunning Hethpool Linn.  A really beautiful walk and swim, highly recommended.

    Woman swimming in lake

    The following weekend I was in for a treat, I asked my mum if she would stay the night with the girls so I could have a night away in the caravan with 2 friends. 


    And this wasn’t any normal night away, oh no, we were going to Druidge Bay for the night to do The Great North East Skinny Dip.  Yippee, not only was I going to swim in the buff with 830 people I was finally having a night away with my van, one happy lady.  If you’ve ever had even the slightest thought that you might like to try skinny dipping or you’d like to do something you always thought was completely bonkers, then this is the event for you.  Skinny dipping with 830 people is not like skinny dipping with 830 people. Or certainly not how I thought it was going to be.  It was like we were a flesh coloured wave running over a flesh coloured beach all screaming, laughing, whooping and if you previously thought no one would want to see you naked then scrap that idea.  You didn’t even notice that you were surround by body parts of all shapes and sizes.  There was just a collective feeling of being part of something, of enjoying the most amazing experience with 828 strangers and that in those moments life was bloody marvellous, thrilling and wonderous. Woman in sea

    The whole event is so well organised and if you’re lucky enough to book a camping ticket for the night before you can enjoy singing round a campfire. 

    And yes, I was that annoying, slightly inebriated person who kept shouting for The Proclaimers, 500 miles.  They did play it in the end!

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