Gail Sherwood is the creative force behind GJ.SHERWOOD art. With a lifelong passion for art, Gail's artistic journey began in her early years, as she eagerly involved friends and family in her diverse range of art projects. Despite art's consistent presence in her life, it wasn't until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 that she decided to fully embrace her artistic calling as a profession.

    The pandemic-induced pause provided Gail with a valuable opportunity for introspection, leading her to  dedicate herself to the evolution of her modern landscape art business GJ.SHERWOOD art. Gail draws inspiration from her explorations of the picturesque northern countryside surrounding her hometown of Cullercoats.

    Central to her artistic mission is the desire to encapsulate the sense of freedom nature provides. Through her artwork, Gail aspires to kindle nostalgia for personal adventures of her audience. Her creative endeavours result in a distinctive body of work that captivates viewers through the intricate interplay of brushstrokes and the uncomplicated compositions.