Secret Art Sale 2024: Ali Elly


    Our Secret Art Sale is back in 2024. 


    Preview Evening - 27th September 2024 (Timings TBC). First chance to view and purchase artwork.  Free tickets will be available via our newsletter in August 2024.

    View Exhibition  - 28th - 29th September

    All artwork will be £50.  All artwork will be sold anonymously so you won't find which artist created you beautiful artwork until you get it home!

    Ali Elly 

    Ali is a designer and environmental artist with a passion for marine conservation. Using her background in textile design Ali translates the natural movements and patterns of marine species into bold and beautiful designs that invite us to explore the fascinating and chaotic underwater world. Ali's work is not just visually stunning, it also serves an important purpose in the scientific community. Her illustrations are used by marine biologists and researchers to help translate complex data and better understand the complex ecosystems of our oceans.

    Ali has been a constant supporter of For the Love of the North with solo exhibitions in our original shop at Whitley Road, Whitley Bay and also in the Spanish City dome.  We're thrilled she will also be taking part in our 2023 Secret Art Sale.

    Browse Ali Elly's work online:

    Or shop her exclusive Artist Palette designs here: