Secret Art Sale 2024: Hannah Forsyth


    Our Secret Art Sale is back in 2024. 


    Preview Evening - 27th September 2024 (Timings TBC). First chance to view and purchase artwork.  Free tickets will be available via our newsletter in August 2024.

    View Exhibition  - 28th - 29th September

    All artwork will be £50.  All artwork will be sold anonymously so you won't find which artist created you beautiful artwork until you get it home!

    Hannah Forsyth

    We're thrilled to welcome back Hannah Forsyth to our Secret Art Sale 2024.

    Hannah moved to Northumberland 24 years ago having originally moved up here from Hertfordshire with the intention of staying for a year or so...24 years later she have well and truly put down lasting roots and Northumberland is definitely her home!  

    Hannah studied art at foundation level, went on to study Sculpture at Brighton and Wolverhampton where she worked mainly in found/recycled materials on a very large scale. When she moved to Northumberland hannah was lacking studio space and time to pursue her sculptural ideas & was inspired by the amazing clouds & vast coastline to take up photography.  She still enjoys photography but wanted to find a medium that she could physically 'play' with, mould, move, construct ....

    Several years ago Hannah did a wonderful printmaking workshop and was truly inspired and felt she had found the medium that suited the way she had always wanted to work. Hannah particularly loves the way she can take ink on and off the plate, mark make using any and all materials; the way she can use a roller like a paint brush, the freedom, the incredible colours, the quality of the ink itself. The plates before they are printed look so vibrant and alive, they have a life of their own, a fleeting existence as they change once placed on the printing press. The excitement, trepidation of not knowing exactly how her print will turn out….often it is not until  the monotype has completely dried that you truly see how it looks.  It’s an exciting world to spend time in, it can be an emotional rollercoaster, a day in the studio is fulfilling. Printmaking generates its own heat and atmosphere from the inks...