Secret Art Sale 2024: Jane Jackson


    Our Secret Art Sale is back in 2024. 


    Preview Evening - 27th September 2024 (Timings TBC). First chance to view and purchase artwork.  Free tickets will be available via our newsletter in August 2024.

    View Exhibition  - 28th - 29th September

    All artwork will be £50.  All artwork will be sold anonymously so you won't find which artist created you beautiful artwork until you get it home!

    Jane Jackson

    Jane Jackson is a textile artist who lives near the wild and empty beaches of North Northumberland. Jane has developed her own unique and distinctive style of working with hand-woven Harris Tweed and wool yarns, which she uses to create colourful “paintings” of local landscapes, landmarks and wildlife. Each one of Jane’s tweed paintings is gradually built up by hand from a layered collage of Harris Tweed, with finer details added using wool yarns and unravelled individual Harris Tweed threads.

    The technique Jane uses is called needle felting and this involves repeated stabbing through the layers of tweed and yarn with a fine hand-held barbed needle. The tiny barbs on the sides of the felting needle snag and entangle the woollen fibres with each pass through and this eventually causes all the components to felt together. Each piece of work typically takes between 30 and 40 hours to make, depending on size.

    Jane has now retired form producing original Harris Tweed pictures but she continues to produce a range of high quality giclee prints and greetings cards taken from her original artwork under the name of Bright Seed Textiles.