Secret Art Sale 2024: PippyB


    Our Secret Art Sale is back in 2024. 


    Preview Evening - 27th September 2024 (Timings TBC). First chance to view and purchase artwork.  Free tickets will be available via our newsletter in August 2024.

    View Exhibition  - 28th - 29th September

    All artwork will be £50.  All artwork will be sold anonymously so you won't find which artist created you beautiful artwork until you get it home!


    After art college a century ago, I spent my career working with children young people and families!  They say life is about timing, so five years ago I completely changed direction and became Self Employed. A teacher one said to me ‘Take your magic with you!” I never forgot what he said and with that in mind I set up Pippyb.
    My illustrations are inspired by the amazing children and young people I have met on my way!! I am however still passionate about working in the community as that is innately who I am and now I also work as a Researcher and Campaigner for the Trussell Trust( the national charity that supports all local foodbanks) and Hospitality and Hope our local Foodbank in South Shields.
    I continue to run art creative workshops and residences when I have time!
    Social Media Instagram Pippyb.artist