You don't have to go far to go away.

If you have followed our adventures you will know that we do love an escape away. Just a couple of nights somewhere in the region to totally relax, chill and get away from it all. 

The start of the year had proved a busy few weeks and we both knew that the time had come for that needed time out. We sat by the fire on a cold winters night and searched the possibilities for our getaway. If you've been enjoying Robson Green's Weekend Escapes (do catch it up with it on iplayer), you will know that the North East is home to all manner of cosy getaway possibilities. 

Inside the Tiny Homestead

With it being late winter and non-drivers we really did not want to travel too far from our home in wonderful Whitley Bay, which for that "Shepherd's Hutesque" experience is quite a tall order. And then, it was if someone had read our minds as there before us on the screen was the perfect place and literally on the doorstep.

Located between Earsdon and Holywell villages is the absolute delight that is the Tiny Homestead and our home for a couple of nights. Literally just three miles from Whitley Bay was everything we needed. The Homestead is located in the grounds of a Westfield Farm and you couldn't have felt more like you were right in the middle of the Northumberland countryside and not just a stone's throw from the hurly burly of modern life. 

Laura, who came up with the idea of the Tiny Homestead as an addition to the farm has created something truly special. It absolutely lives up to it's name "A bespoke made tiny home that has been custom built to fit the space...". Everything in the hut has been so carefully considered from the seating and storage to the kitchen area and very cute bathroom. 

Inside the Tiny Homestead

We unpacked our books and Lucy had brought her cross-stitch kit. As dusk arrived and the moo's from the cow's on the farm as they headed into the barn for the night we settled into our tiny home. On our getaways we've used all manner of kitchen facilities and the Homestead has the perfect hob with whistling kettle and oven in which we cooked the most comforting of cheesy jacket potatoes. 

We listened to Jazz music on the radio, Lucy stitched and I read into the night. We donned the snuggly hooded onesie's that are there for you to wear and feel even more relaxed.  For those long days of summer you can sit outside, looking across the fields as the sun sets watching the airplanes on their decent into Newcastle Airport. 

Lady looking out at fields at The Tiny Homestead

Time for bed and again this is something so thought out. As if by magic the ladder descends and up you go for the most cosiest of nights sleep. 

After a thoroughly wonderful nights sleep, up went the ladder and we spent the day immersed in our surroundings, drinking hot chocolate and feeling so peaceful and relaxed. Despite it still being winter we were still able to sit outside in our own little corner of the world. I became quite fascinated by the workings of the farm and the behavior of the cows, which is something you really can do when not distracted by the outside world. 

By the time it came to go home we felt refreshed and ready to get back to the business with the lovely knowledge that if we ever need a quick escape we really don't have very far to go. 

Man standing outside the Tiny Homestead

We loved the Tiny Homestead Laura, it's so beautiful and full of such considered touches to make your stay so enjoyable. We shall certainly be back.  


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