When everything you really need is right here on your doorstep...


    I’m usually so organised with my blogs, get them written when I come back from a trip and tweak it the week before publication.  I’m writing this 4 days before it’s published.  I’m not sure why but it’s been a funny month or so. 

    Derwent Water, Lake District

    I went away on my own at half term to the Lake District (when there was all the flooding)  and had a surprisingly lovely time.  Had a swimming lesson at Ullswater Swim Place in their Endless pool (basically a swimming treadmill) and then the day after swam with the same company across Ullswater and back, a total of 1 mile.  I was so chuffed having never swam that far before and would highly recommend Colin Hill, I learnt so much.  The weather was so pants I ended up at the cinema instead of getting drenched on a walk and one night I laid awake talking to myself “I will be ok, the caravan is not going to take off, it’s just a bit of wind and rain!” 

    Lady in swimming pool

    I did have plans to go away this weekend but Covid put a stop to that.  The girls Dad has it and so can’t look after the girls while I’m gone.  I am disappointed and could have really done with some downtime but it just reminds me just how lucky we are to live on this beautiful coastline.  I go away on my own for a multitude of reasons, mainly I think I need time on my own to recharge.

    Obviously one thing I do love is seeing and swimming in new places, but just look at what we have right here on our doorstep.  I get my fix of the beautiful outdoors everyday!


    The whole coastline from Whitley Bay up to Tynemouth is just stunning and varied.  I can go wave jumping on the 2 beaches at Tynemouth and Whitley Bay or you’ll usually find me in the comforting arms of Cullercoats bay.  I’ve met an amazing bunch of swimming ladies who I now call friends and have been having fires on the beach on a Friday night.  For me that is utter bliss!

    Swimmers at Cullercoats

    Beach Campfire

    So do I need to travel to get my fix, I think I do, but do you know what we’ve got it all right here.  We just have to notice it, it becomes our normal, somewhere we take for granted.  But when I’m standing on a freezing cold beach, changing to go for a swim at 6.30am, watching first light appear over the horizon I feel a very lucky lady.

    Swimming in the sea

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    • Lynn

      It’s so true we have to stop and enjoy what we already have. It’s a gift.
      Lovely article and photos.

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